Jane Pyatt1

F, #371, b. 15 September 1695, d. 15 September 1779
Father*Reynier Piat b. 1650, d. 1705
Mother*Elizabeth Sheffield d. 1705
Birth*15 September 1695 Jane Pyatt was born on 15 September 1695 at Piscataway, Middlesex, NJ.2 
 She was the daughter of Reynier Piat and Elizabeth Sheffield
MARRIAGE*15 August 1714 She married Rev. Jonathan Dunham on 15 August 1714 at Piscataway, NJ.2 
MARRIAGE*15 August 1714 She married an unknown person on 15 August 1714 at Piscataway, NJ.2 
Death*15 September 1779 She died on 15 September 1779 at Stelton, NJ, at age 84. 
Married Name15 August 1714  As of 15 August 1714,her married name was Dunham.2 


Rev. Jonathan Dunham
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  1. Also known as Joan.
  2. [S453] Angelfire, online www.angelfire.com/ar/pyeatt/rene.html.

Mary Pyatt

F, #354, d. 1776
Father*Jacob Pyatt b. 31 Oct 1678
Mother*Mary Hull b. 2 Apr 1681, d. c 1750
 Mary Pyatt was the daughter of Jacob Pyatt and Mary Hull
MARRIAGE*1738 She married Peter Soullard in 1738. 
Death*1776 She died in 1776. 
Married Name1738  As of 1738,her married name was Soullard. 


Peter Soullard
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Thomas Pyatt

M, #367, b. 11 May 1681, d. 1705
Father*Reynier Piat b. 1650, d. 1705
Mother*Elizabeth Sheffield d. 1705
Birth*11 May 1681 Thomas Pyatt was born on 11 May 1681 at Middlesex, NJ.1 
 He was the son of Reynier Piat and Elizabeth Sheffield
MARRIAGE*1 February 1698 He married Mercy Hull, daughter of Samuel Hull and Mary Manning, on 1 February 1698.1 
Death*1705 He died in 1705. 


Mercy Hull b. 22 June 1683, d. 21 December 1746
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  1. [S453] Angelfire, online www.angelfire.com/ar/pyeatt/rene.html.

William Pyatt

M, #356
Father*Jacob Pyatt b. 31 Oct 1678
Mother*Mary Hull b. 2 Apr 1681, d. c 1750
 William Pyatt was the son of Jacob Pyatt and Mary Hull
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Joan Peson Pysing1

F, #3249
MARRIAGE*11 January 1572 Joan Peson Pysing married Thomas Hull, son of Richard Hull, on 11 January 1572 at Crewkerne, Somerset, England.1 
Married Name11 January 1572  As of 11 January 1572,her married name was Hull. 


Thomas Hull b. circa 1552, d. 1636
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  1. [S495] Laura Woodrough Steneck, "Hull Family", Note from LWG when asked about source:
    From what I've gleened so far, the information on Samuel Hull/Mary Manning
    on down I got from several sources; Joe Kearney's "Colonial Kinsmen";
    Laverne Piatt and the PIATT FAMILY NEWSLETTER; and Ruth Schooley.
    Ancestors of Samuel Hull I got from 2 sources:
    "Ancestors of William Henry Arbour" a FTM file on the internet, printed in
    Apr. 1999
    and Ruth Schooley via an e-mail.

Jemima Quick

F, #343
MARRIAGE*27 June 1774 Jemima Quick married William Piatt, son of John Piatt and Frances Van Vliet Wycoff, on 27 June 1774. 
Married Name27 June 1774  As of 27 June 1774,her married name was Piatt. 


William Piatt b. October 1743, d. 4 November 1791
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Irma Rakestraw

F, #1424
MARRIAGE*7 February 1926 Irma Rakestraw married Homer F. Floyd, son of Amos E. Floyd Jr. and Martha (Margaret) Martin, on 7 February 1926. 
Married Name7 February 1926  As of 7 February 1926,her married name was Floyd. 


Homer F. Floyd
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Mary Randolph

F, #797
MARRIAGE* Mary Randolph married Robert James Sr
Note* She Family tradition says she is from the Randolph family of Virginia, but have not found any evidence. 
Married Name Her married name was James. 


Robert James Sr
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Ida M Ratler1

F, #4264, b. 1909
MARRIAGE* Ida M Ratler married Louis Carroll, son of Robert W. Carroll and Mary Arabella Piatt.1 
Birth*1909 She was born in 1909.1 
Married Name Her married name was Carroll. 


Louis Carroll b. 1867, d. June 1919
Last Edited10 Jan 2006


  1. [S575] David O'Carroll, "O'Carroll," e-mail to unknown recipient, 12-2005.

Nathaniel C. Read

M, #314
MARRIAGE*1831 Nathaniel C. Read married Martha Ann Piatt, daughter of Benjamin McCullough Piatt and Elizabeth Barnett, in 1831. 


Martha Ann Piatt b. 23 September 1814, d. 11 August 1881
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Mark Reardon

M, #220
MARRIAGE*before 1960 Mark Reardon married Jane Grant before 1960. 


Jane Grant d. 14 July 1980
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Edward Reese

M, #2234
Father*/Reese/ (?)
Mother*Rubye Evalyn Kemp
 Edward Reese was the son of /Reese/ (?) and Rubye Evalyn Kemp
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Kemp Reese

M, #2235
Father*/Reese/ (?)
Mother*Rubye Evalyn Kemp
 Kemp Reese was the son of /Reese/ (?) and Rubye Evalyn Kemp
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Dora Reid

F, #2133
MARRIAGE* Dora Reid married Winston Winfield Davidson
Death* She died at Ashland, AL. 
Married Name Her married name was Davidson. 


Winston Winfield Davidson
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Charles Reinstatler1

M, #3619, b. 13 February 1939
MARRIAGE* Charles Reinstatler married Aileen Elizabeth Ryan, daughter of Joseph Blakely Ryan and Alice G. Stapleton.1 
Birth*13 February 1939 He was born on 13 February 1939.1 


Aileen Elizabeth Ryan b. 24 June 1940
Last Edited8 Sep 2003


  1. [S496] Kay Ryan, "Kay Ryan to LWG," e-mail to Laura Woodrough Glass, 2000.

Jacob Remsen

M, #413
MARRIAGE*1687 Jacob Remsen married Geertruyd Van Der Vliet, daughter of Dirck Janse Van Der Vliet and Geerje Geeretse, in 1687. 


Geertruyd Van Der Vliet d. 1737
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Fannie Respass

F, #828
MARRIAGE* Fannie Respass married Edward (Edmund) Richardson, son of John Crowley Richardson and Sarah Hall
Married Name Her married name was Richardson. 


Edward (Edmund) Richardson d. say 1834
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Henry Rhea

M, #799
MARRIAGE* Henry Rhea married Elizabeth Lions


Elizabeth Lions
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Julia Anne Rhea

F, #747
Father*Henry Rhea
Mother*Elizabeth Lions
Birth*  Birthplace according to 1850 Census. 
 Julia Anne Rhea was the daughter of Henry Rhea and Elizabeth Lions
MARRIAGE* She married Joseph Pollock Wilson
Married Name Her married name was Wilson. 


Joseph Pollock Wilson
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Anapias Rice

M, #609
MARRIAGE*circa 1848 Anapias Rice married Elizabeth Stamps, daughter of Thomas Shore Stamps and Eliza McConnell, circa 1848. 
Emigration*1849 He emigrated in 1849 from St. Louis, MO; Anapias Rice and Betty Stamps moved to St. Louis with twenty slaves her father gave her. They lived near the "Dent" farm on which President Grant lived. 


Elizabeth Stamps b. 1830
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Lucy Rice

F, #567
MARRIAGE* Lucy Rice married James Thompson, son of John Thompson and Polly Rudd
Married Name Her married name was Thompson. 


James Thompson
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A. Keene Richards

M, #849
Father*William M. Richards
Mother*Sarah Hall Richardson d. s 1834
ChartsDe Calmes
 A. Keene Richards was the son of William M. Richards and Sarah Hall Richardson
Biography*  He was a Breeder and Importer of thoroughbred horses in Scott Co., Ky. 
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Mary Richards

F, #3868, d. before 1821
MARRIAGE*5 January 1813 Mary Richards married Richard Moreman on 5 January 1813 at Bishops Tawton, Devon, Great Britain.1 
Death*before 1821  Before 1821 She was not named in her husband's will which included three minor children. 
Married Name5 January 1813  As of 5 January 1813,her married name was Moreman. 


Richard Moreman d. 8 February 1821
Last Edited27 Apr 2009


  1. [S522] International Genealogical Index (IGI), Do you have the info on Agnes? It's been so long, I'm not sure if I mentioned that I had found the names of her parents: Richard Moorman and MARY RICHARDS, which is where the middle name "Richards" comes from, I'm sure!
    Agnes had 2 brothers, Richard (first born) b. 1813 and William b. 1815. Agnes was born March, 1817 and christened on March 29, 1818 at Bishops Tawton, Devon.........
    Richard Moorman and Mary Richards were married Jan. 5, 1813 at Bishops Tawton, Devon........

William M. Richards

M, #839
ChartsDe Calmes
MARRIAGE* William M. Richards married Sarah Hall Richardson, daughter of John Crowley Richardson and Sarah Hall, Marriage #2. 


Sarah Hall Richardson d. say 1834
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(?) Richardson

M, #3535
MARRIAGE* (?) Richardson married Letitia (?) 

Family 1


Family 2

Letitia (?)
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Alice Richardson

F, #845
Father*John C. Richardson
Mother*Alice Gridley
ChartsDe Calmes
 Alice Richardson was the daughter of John C. Richardson and Alice Gridley
MARRIAGE* She married /Fitzgerald/ (?) 
Biography*  DAR 19920. 


/Fitzgerald/ (?)
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Amanda Richardson

F, #818
Father*Marquis D. Richardson b. c 1792, d. 3 Oct 1826
Mother*Ann Dougherty
ChartsDe Calmes
 Amanda Richardson was the daughter of Marquis D. Richardson and Ann Dougherty
MARRIAGE* She married Dr. John C. Darby at Lexington, Fayette County, KY. 
Married Name Her married name was Darby. 


Dr. John C. Darby
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Ann Richardson

F, #865, b. 10 October 1756, d. 2 April 1823
Father*William Richardson b. 26 Dec 1712, d. 6 Aug 1768
Mother*Isabella Calmes b. 1727, d. 10 Jun 1796
ChartsDe Calmes
Birth*10 October 1756 Ann Richardson was born on 10 October 1756. 
 She was the daughter of William Richardson and Isabella Calmes
MARRIAGE*14 December 1774 She married Thomas Buck V on 14 December 1774 They built home called "Bel-aire" in Front Royal, VA. 
Death*2 April 1823 She died on 2 April 1823 at age 66. 
Married Name14 December 1774  As of 14 December 1774,her married name was Buck. 


Thomas Buck V
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Anna Cabell Richardson1

F, #4022, b. 1814, d. 1887
Father*Samuel Q. Richardson1 b. 1791, d. 8 Feb 1835
Mother*Mary Hopkins Harrison1 b. 9 Apr 1791, d. 10 Jun 1834
ChartsDe Calmes
Birth*1814 Anna Cabell Richardson was born in 1814.1 
 She was the daughter of Samuel Q. Richardson and Mary Hopkins Harrison.1 
MARRIAGE*1841 She married William Todd in 1841.1 
Death*1887 She died in 1887.1 
Married Name1841  As of 1841,her married name was Todd.1 


William Todd
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  1. [S556] Bob Juch, online www.juch.org/gedpage/fam/fam01103.asp.

Annie D. Richardson

F, #812, b. 1853, d. 27 November 1877
Father*William Hall Richardson b. 26 Oct 1820, d. 1877
Mother*Jane Shore Stamps b. 4 Feb 1828
ChartsDe Calmes
MARRIAGE* Annie D. Richardson married P.H. Innes Jr. 
Birth*1853 She was born in 1853. 
 She was the daughter of William Hall Richardson and Jane Shore Stamps
Death*27 November 1877 She died on 27 November 1877. 
Married Name Her married name was Innes. 


P.H. Innes Jr.
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