Jane White1,2

F, #3556, b. 4 March 1797, d. 26 January 1863
Birth*4 March 1797 Jane White was born on 4 March 1797.2 
MARRIAGE*1819 She married William Clemson in 1819.1,2 
Death*26 January 1863 She died on 26 January 1863 at age 65.2 
Married Name Her married name was Clemson.1 


William Clemson b. 1 October 1793, d. 14 February 1869
Last Edited26 Apr 2009


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Katie Naomi White

F, #1579, b. 15 November 1927, d. 4 March 1999
Father*William Morgan White
Mother*Ella Nora Fennell
ChartsZachariah Davis
Birth*15 November 1927 Katie Naomi White was born on 15 November 1927. 
 She was the daughter of William Morgan White and Ella Nora Fennell
MARRIAGE*7 May 1948 She married Robert Calvin Berryhill, son of Linder Rinaldo Berryhill and Vera Maurine Floyd, on 7 May 1948. 
Death*4 March 1999 She died on 4 March 1999 at Cochran, Bleckley County, GA, at age 71. 
Married Name7 May 1948  As of 7 May 1948,her married name was Berryhill. 


Robert Calvin Berryhill b. 4 January 1924, d. 26 July 2004
Last Edited29 Mar 1999

Matthew M. White

M, #1045
MARRIAGE*20 February 1895 Matthew M. White married Margaret Mathilda Ennis, daughter of Edward Thomas Ennis and Brigid Ann Egan, on 20 February 1895. 


Margaret Mathilda Ennis b. 23 December 1876
Last Edited14 Apr 1999

Peter P. White

M, #1041
MARRIAGE* Peter P. White married Bridget Philomena Ennis, daughter of Edward Thomas Ennis and Brigid Ann Egan


Bridget Philomena Ennis b. 26 September 1869
Last Edited14 Apr 1999

William Morgan White

M, #2150
Father*Willian White
Mother*Doshia Langford
MARRIAGE* William Morgan White married Ella Nora Fennell, daughter of Thomas Franklin Fennell and Donia Smith
Birth* He was born at ., Bleckley County, GA. 
 He was the son of Willian White and Doshia Langford


Ella Nora Fennell
Last Edited17 Aug 1994

Willian White

M, #2148
Birth* Willian White was born at ., Bleckley County, GA. 
MARRIAGE* He married Doshia Langford


Doshia Langford
Last Edited17 Aug 1994

Wiliam Wicklye

M, #425, d. 1864
Father*John Wicklye
 Wiliam Wicklye was the son of John Wicklye
MARRIAGE*7 February 1804 He married Mary Barbara Ruffner, daughter of Simon Ruffner and Catherine Alice Griffin, on 7 February 1804 at St. Michaels, Altoona, Blair, PA, Marriage Notes for WILLIAM WEAKLAND and MARY RUFFNER:
WICKLY, William, 7 Feb 1804, in the Church to Barbara Ruffner.
From:Sportsmen's Hall, St. Vincent, Latrobe, PA
     i.     CATHERINE4 WEAKLAND, b. Bet. 1804 - 1813.
     ii.     WILLIAM WEAKLAND, b. Bet. 1804 - 1813.
     iii.     SIMON WEAKLAND, b. Bet. 1804 - 1813.
     iv.     JOHN WEAKLAND, b. Bet. 1804 - 1813.
     v.     SUSAN WEAKLAND, b. Bet. 1804 - 1813.1,2 
Death*1864 He died in 1864.2 
Name Variation  The spelling of Weakland is the one used by Stephens L. Blakely and others of the family. The other spelling was found in a Ruffner book. Do not know which is correct.
Answer:------ Forwarded message follows -------
From:      Cheryl Myers
To:      "Margot Wodrough"
Subject:      RE: Ruffner descendants
Send reply to:      cmyers@jones.edu
Date sent:      Fri, 16 Jan 2004 09:45:21 -0500

Dear Margot,
The Braddock researchers are so far ahead of me...One of them already has Sweinberger's book. More and more they are tying Nancy to John. They are also finding that Nancy was interchangeable with Anna/Anne, which I know there is another Ann/Anna, but...On the Cambria county website, there is a copy of the centennary(?)/centennial that lists a family of John and Ann Braddock with a son Simon Peter, daughters Catherine, Mary Ann and Emilie/Emily 1811-1817 - we believe these to be the older siblings of John C., Michael and Pius. After that, there is a John and Elizabeth (Storm) Braddock, married in 1825/26, John's second wife...
Attached is a copy of an e-mail I was sent this morning from Joe Berg, an excerpt from another book...I am almost positive our John is the husband of Nancy Ruffner.. Wonder what happened to her...If you are interested, I will be happy to send you a copy of all of the e-mails they have been sending me that lead them to this point...



Mary Barbara Ruffner b. 5 November 1774, d. 20 January 1857
Last Edited21 Sep 2007


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Anna Margaret Wieder1

F, #5072, b. 26 April 1781, d. 1 March 1804
Birth*26 April 1781 Anna Margaret Wieder was born on 26 April 1781 at Cumuru, Berks, PA. 
Burial*1804 She was buried in 1804 at St. Vincent Cemetery, Unity Township, Westmoreland County, PA.1 
Death*1 March 1804 She died on 1 March 1804 at Latrobe, Westmoreland County, PA, at age 22.1 
Last Edited11 Jul 2008


  1. [S616] Tina, "George Adam Ruffner," e-mail to MVW, Jan 29, 2008.

Sophie Magdalene Wiggers

F, #4097
MARRIAGE*1847 Sophie Magdalene Wiggers married Friedrich August Hollmeyer in 1847. 
Note*  There were seven children of the second marriage.
>From: "Robert C. Hollmeyer" >To: "Sara Richards" >Subject: RE: Hollmeyer Connections >Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 21:56:12 -0500 > >Dear Ms. Richards, > >You’ve hit the Hollmeyer mother lode with me. I’m a Hollmeyer genealogy >nut, although I haven’t had time to pursue further building the family >history in the past several years. You’re descended from the “second” >branch of Friedrich August Hollmeyer; I’m from the first. That is to say >that Friedrich August Hollmeyer of Barnstorf, Germany had two wives. Two of >the children of his first wife came to America; all seven of his second wife >’s children came to Cincinnati. My immigrant ancestor, Heinrich Ludwig >(Louis Bernard after he got to America in 1853) was the third of four >children of the first wife, Eleonore Frese. She died in Ger! many in 1846 and >August married Sophie Magdalene Wiggers in 1847. Their second child of >seven, and first son, was Hermann Heinrich. Herman Heinrich married Sophia >Apswich and they had six children. William Christopher was the sixth child. >He married Eleanor Steinman, they had four children including Robert and >Raymond, and you know the rest. My descendent, Louis Bernard, also settled >in Cincinnati and became a leather tanner. The two sides of the family >apparently didn’t get together much. We were the “rich” side (but lost it >all in the depression); now your side is the “rich” side because of all the >farms they owned around Cincinnati. Oh well, we’re Southerners now. > >I have my information on my PC using LDS (Latter Day Saints) software, >called Personal Ancestral File. I can share this with you by creating a >GEDCOM file if you wish. It’s very exhaustive – too much to transcribe. In >addition, I have shared my file with ! Mrs. Woodrough of Tampa, FL, also a >relative, and she has posted s ome of it on the LDS Family Web Site. Type in >HOLLMEYER and try this web site. >http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Search/frameset_search.asp >A lot of my info is posted here. In addition, I wrote a “Hollmeyers of >Hollen” manuscript back in 1990 which I may be able to get a copy of for >you. It describes the family in Germany and the two branches of August’s >families who immigrated and settled in Cincinnati, OH. > >I will not be able to get to any of this however until the new year. Our >son is getting married next week, then Christmas, then a break. If you >write me again in January I’ll see what I can put together. > >Yours truly, > >Bob Hollmeyer > > >-----Original Message----- >From: Sara Richards [mailto:sarauc04@hotmail.com] >Sent: Friday, December 10, 2004 1:21 PM >To: rhollmeyer@carolina.rr.com; at623@aol.com >Subject: Hollmeyer Connections > >Good afternoon! My name is Sara Richards and I am a desc! endent of the >Hollmeyer Family. I am looking for more connections, so any help if any >will be appreciate. I do have a website with a link to the Hollmeyer >family. The address is: www.geocities.com/sarar0927/genealogy > See if we are a match of any >kind. I will be more than happy to share any information! >Sincerely, >Sara L. Richards > > > _____ > >Monitor your Hotmail inbox from MSN Messenger while chatting with friends – >see how!1
Married Name1847  As of 1847,her married name was Hollmeyer. 


Friedrich August Hollmeyer b. circa 1818
Last Edited24 Jan 2005


  1. [S564] Bob Hollmeyer, "Hollmeyer message," e-mail to Margot Woodrough.

Abagail Williams

F, #527
Birth* Abagail Williams was born at Boone, KY.1 
MARRIAGE* She married Hannah Rudd, son of Elijah Rudd and Elizabeth Hudson, "Ida's Letter" states that Hannah Rudd married Abagail Williams, who lived in Boone County and moved to Missouri.1 
Residence* She lived at St. Louis, MO.1 
Biography*  Chart clearly states that Hannah Rudd married Abagail Williams and gives first names of three children. No way to know which of parents is male and which female. Hannah is written in black which is way that direct descendants are indicated. Abagail is written in red indicating a spouse. 
Married Name Her married name was Rudd. 


Hannah Rudd
Last Edited8 Aug 1998


  1. [S30] Letter, Ida Wallen to Stephens L. Blakely, MVW file 1998.

Albert D. Williams1

M, #3764, b. 1868
Birth*1868 Albert D. Williams was born in 1868 at RI.1 
MARRIAGE*1895 He married Mary E. Clemson, daughter of Francis William Clemson and Elizabeth Eith, in 1895.1 
Occupation*1900 He was Superintendent at Glue Works. in 1900 at Woburn, Middlesex, MA.1 


Mary E. Clemson b. 22 May 1875
Last Edited29 Jul 2003


  1. [S59] 1900 Census;.

Allen Williams

M, #2356


Last Edited9 Jun 1998

Elizabeth Williams

F, #2475
MARRIAGE*3 May 1764 Elizabeth Williams married Thomas Ogle on 3 May 1764. 
Married Name3 May 1764  As of 3 May 1764,her married name was Ogle. 


Thomas Ogle
Last Edited17 Aug 1994

John Jay Williams

M, #1603
MARRIAGE*say 1946 John Jay Williams married Irma Lelia Evans say 1946. 


Irma Lelia Evans
Last Edited17 Aug 1994

Mary Williams

F, #2468
MARRIAGE* Mary Williams married Alexander Ogle, son of John (Jehu) Ogle and Ruth Beall
Biography*  It is possible that this is the daughter of Charles Williams d.1797. His will in Calendar of Delaware Wills names gradnchildren: Charles Ogle, Thomas Ogle, William Ogle and Mary Ogle. 
Married Name Her married name was Ogle. 


Alexander Ogle b. 10 August 1765
Last Edited17 Aug 1994

Priscilla Williams

F, #2355
Father*Allen Williams
 Priscilla Williams was the daughter of Allen Williams
MARRIAGE* She married John King, son of Thomas King
Married Name Her married name was King. 


John King
Last Edited9 Jun 1998

Jane Williamson

F, #339
MARRIAGE*27 March 1763 Jane Williamson married John Piatt Jr, son of John Piatt and Frances Van Vliet Wycoff, on 27 March 1763. 
Married Name27 March 1763  As of 27 March 1763,her married name was Piatt. 


John Piatt Jr b. 15 July 1740, d. 1820
Last Edited5 Jun 1998

Mary Jane Williamson1

F, #4016
MARRIAGE*17 April 1858 Mary Jane Williamson married Samuel Q. Richardson Jr., son of Samuel Q. Richardson and Mary Hopkins Harrison, on 17 April 1858.1 
Married Name17 April 1858  As of 17 April 1858,her married name was Richardson.1 


Samuel Q. Richardson Jr. b. 20 June 1828
Last Edited3 Jun 2004


  1. [S556] Bob Juch, online www.juch.org/gedpage/fam/fam01103.asp.

Martha Ann Willis

F, #322
MARRIAGE* Martha Ann Willis married John Hopper Piatt, son of Jacob Piatt and Hannah Cook McCullough, at Bloomsbury, Warren, NJ, Martha is wife number 2.1 
Married Name Her married name was Piatt. 


John Hopper Piatt b. 15 August 1781, d. 11 February 1822
Last Edited27 Mar 2006


  1. [S582] Susan Tillman, "Susan Tillman," e-mail to MVW, Oct 2005.

Willinetta E. Willis

F, #291
MARRIAGE* Willinetta E. Willis married Benjamin Mahlon Piatt, son of Jacob Wykoff Piatt and Martha Eugenia De Valcourt
Married Name Her married name was Piatt. 


Benjamin Mahlon Piatt b. 29 December 1845
Last Edited27 Oct 2001


  1. [S56] 1880 Census;.

Josiah Wills

M, #1870
ChartsWilliam Basse
MARRIAGE*31 October 1789 Josiah Wills married Ferabe Bass, daughter of Jacob Bass Sr. and Ann (?), on 31 October 1789 at Franklin, NC. 


Ferabe Bass
Last Edited17 Aug 1994

Amelia Wilson

F, #763, b. 1832
Father*John Kelly Wilson b. 12 Oct 1796, d. 24 Sep 1862
Mother*Mary James b. 8 Oct 1798, d. 11 Feb 1872
MARRIAGE* Amelia Wilson married /Halderman/ (?) 
Birth*1832 She was born in 1832 at Ohio, OH. 
 She was the daughter of John Kelly Wilson and Mary James


/Halderman/ (?)
Last Edited5 Jan 1999

Andrew Wilson

M, #755, b. 15 July 1761, d. 9 September 1832
Father*John Wilson
MARRIAGE* Andrew Wilson married Lilly Porter at VA.1,2 
Birth*15 July 1761 He was born on 15 July 1761 at Almagh, Ireland. 
 He was the son of John Wilson
Death*9 September 1832 He died on 9 September 1832 at Hamilton, Butler County, OH, at age 71.1 
Note* He The Official Roster of Soldiers of the Revolution Buried in Ohio (1929) lists "Andrew Wilson, Butler County Ohio was a Member of the Committee of Safety of Norfolk Co., VA. National DAR # 101716 Vol. 102 p. 214. 
Biography*  Andrew Wilson of Butler County, Ohio was a member of the Committee of Safety of Norfolk County, Virginia. He was born in 1761 in Almagh Ireland. DAR records show: Virginia S3570 (born 7-15-1761) in Ireland and enlisted in Rockbridge County, Virginia. Was a resident of Fairfield, Butler Co., Ohio in 1832. 
Milit-Beg*1776 He began military service in 1776 at Army; Private, Rockbridge, VA, He was a member of the Committee of Safety in Norfolk, VA. S 3570

According to Mary Julia Wilson's papers: Andrew Wilson, sixteen years of age was a private soldier in the Revolution Army. In his old age he was granted a pension of twenty dollars per year from March the 4th 1831 until his death which was in 1832. This pension was paid to him in Cincinnatti Ohio and recorded by N. Rice Clerk in Book D Vol. 10 page 50. Payments made by the President of the United States War Bank. Lewis Cass was then Secretary of War. Papers were examined and countersigned by J. L. Edward.

Official records indicate he enlisted in Rockbridge County, Va in December of 1780 as a private in Captain James Buchanan's Company, Col. John Boyer's Virginia Regiment and was discharged late in April, 1780. In June 1781 he enlisted and served two months as a private in Captain James Elliott's virginia Company. He was in three skirmishes near Portsmouth, Virginia.

Information from DAR confirms the above:
A search of our Patriot Index provided the information found below.

Here is the information from the DAR Patriot index that matches your request.

WILSON, Andrew
Birth: IR 15 Jul 1761
Service: VA
Rank: Pvt
Death: OH p 1832
Patriot Pensioned: Yes Widow Pensioned: No
Children Pensioned: No Heirs Pensioned: No
Spouse: (1) Lily Porter.1
CENSUS1800*1800 He appeared on the census in 1800 at Mercer, KY.3 
Residence*1832 He lived in 1832 at Fairfield, Butler County, OH. 
MLTPENSION*30 July 1832 He received a military pension on 30 July 1832 at Army; Pension, Fairfield, Butler County, OH; Mary Julia Wilson writes: Andrew Wilson made application for pension on July 30th 1832 at which time he was 71 years of age and residing at Fairfield, Ohio and his pension was allowed for six months actual service as a private in the Virginia Troops Revolution War. A part of the time he served under Captain Ellioll and Col. Boyd. He enlisted in Rockbridge County, Virginia. Received this information from Washington, D.C.1 


Lilly Porter d. 26 October 1828
MARRIAGE* He married Lilly Porter at VA.1,2 
Last Edited9 Jul 2008


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  2. [S532] D.A.R, Ohio Rev Soldiers.
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Anna M. Wilson1

F, #754, b. 1860
Father*William Wilson b. 8 Jan 1821, d. 22 Jun 1862
Mother*Hannah Wilson b. 11 May 1824, d. 23 Feb 1902
Birth*1860 Anna M. Wilson was born in 1860. 
 She was the daughter of William Wilson and Hannah Wilson
Last Edited5 Jan 1999


  1. An Anna born.

C. D. Wilson

M, #538
MARRIAGE* C. D. Wilson married Mary Cooper, daughter of John Rudd Cooper and Mary Herndon


Mary Cooper d. say 1956
Last Edited3 May 1999

Charles Wilson

M, #761, b. 1854
Father*John K. Wilson Jr b. 1827
Mother*Isabel (?) b. 1825
Birth*1854 Charles Wilson was born in 1854. 
 He was the son of John K. Wilson Jr and Isabel (?) 
Last Edited5 Jan 1999

Clarence DeFoe Wilson

M, #539
Father*C. D. Wilson
Mother*Mary Cooper d. s 1956
 Clarence DeFoe Wilson was the son of C. D. Wilson and Mary Cooper
Last Edited3 May 1999

Elizabeth A. Wilson

F, #764, b. 1836
Father*John Kelly Wilson b. 12 Oct 1796, d. 24 Sep 1862
Mother*Mary James b. 8 Oct 1798, d. 11 Feb 1872
Birth*1836 Elizabeth A. Wilson was born in 1836 at Ohio, OH. 
 She was the daughter of John Kelly Wilson and Mary James
Last Edited5 Jan 1999

Hannah Wilson1

F, #745, b. 11 May 1824, d. 23 February 1902
Father*Joseph Pollock Wilson
Mother*Julia Anne Rhea
Birth*11 May 1824 Hannah Wilson was born on 11 May 1824 at Hamilton, Butler County, OH.2 
 She was the daughter of Joseph Pollock Wilson and Julia Anne Rhea
MARRIAGE*12 February 1850 She married William Wilson, son of John Kelly Wilson and Mary James, on 12 February 1850 at Hamilton, OH.2 
Death*23 February 1902  She died at her daughter's home.2 
Burial*1902 She was buried in 1902 at Greenwood Cemetery, Hamilton, Butler County, OH. 
Note*  Her maiden name was Wilson, but she was not related to William before marriage. 
CENSUS1860*1 June 1860 She appeared on the census on 1 June 1860 at 40/male; dwelling 154, Hamilton, Butler-St Clair Township, OH.3 


William Wilson b. 8 January 1821, d. 22 June 1862
MARRIAGE*12 February 1850 She married William Wilson, son of John Kelly Wilson and Mary James, on 12 February 1850 at Hamilton, OH.2 
Last Edited29 Apr 2006


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Hannah Wilson

F, #752, b. 1856
Father*William Wilson b. 8 Jan 1821, d. 22 Jun 1862
Mother*Hannah Wilson b. 11 May 1824, d. 23 Feb 1902
Birth*1856 Hannah Wilson was born in 1856. 
 She was the daughter of William Wilson and Hannah Wilson
Last Edited5 Jan 1999