These people were chosen because they have a unique story to tell.
These are interesting "folks" if you are in a hurry. They are all here. The good, the bad and...
  • Frances Van Vliet Wycoff Piatt Five of her sons served as officers in the American Revolution.
  • John Ogle of Eglingham He came with the Captain Nichol's expedition that ousted the Dutch from New York. The Ogle family runs deep in English history.
  • Nathaniel Basse Nathaniel Basse was one of the original settlers of Jamestown. He and his father Humphrey were original investors in the Virginia Company.
  • Daniel Graham Daniel is an outlaw with an amazing story. See for yourself.
  • William Barefoot William was an outlaw murdered by his stepson Daniel Graham.
  • Catherine Francfort She was French nobility. Her husband served as comptroller to King Louis XV and was enobled for good and faithful service. The couple lived on Montmarte in Paris and their children were baptized there.
  • James Blakely Read about the big land dispute.
  • Mourning Bass Floyd She and husband were original settlers to Georgia. her family goes back to the original settlement of Jamestown, Virginia.
  • Rezin Horatio Ogle He lost a wife and five children over a short period of time. He remarried and the Woodrough children are the descendants of this second marriage.
  • Agnes Moreman Woodrough She was born in England, married in Massachusetts to a man who became wealthy making saws. She retired to Tarpon springs Florida and died in California. Quite a saga.