General Marquis Calmes IV1

M, #4664, b. 1754, d. 27 February 1834
Father*Marquis Calmes III1 b. 1726, d. Mar 1794
Mother*Elizabeth Combs1 d. 1804
ChartsDe Calmes
MARRIAGE* General Marquis Calmes IV married Pricella (?)2 
Birth*1754 He was born in 1754.1 
 He was the son of Marquis Calmes III and Elizabeth Combs.1 
Death*27 February 1834 He died on 27 February 1834 at Woodford, KY.1 
MILITARY*1834 He served in the military in 1834 His obituary calls him a soldier of both the Revolution as well as the War of 1812.1 


Pricella (?) d. November 1821
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  2. [S593] G. Glenn Clift, Kentucky Obituaries, She is called "consort of General Marquis Calmes."

William Waller Calmes

M, #1020, b. 18 January 1727, d. 19 September 1773
Father*Marquis Calmes II b. 1705, d. 10 May 1755
Mother*Winnifred Waller b. c 1709, d. 6 Oct 1751
ChartsDe Calmes
MARRIAGE* William Waller Calmes married Lucy Neville
Birth*18 January 1727 He was born on 18 January 1727. 
 He was the son of Marquis Calmes II and Winnifred Waller
Death*19 September 1773 He died on 19 September 1773 at "Peace and Plenty" at age 46 "Peace and Plenty" is the name of his home. 


Lucy Neville
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David Campbell

M, #2786, d. 1970
Father*Robert Campbell
Mother*Elsie (Lilly) Catherine Vollmer b. 6 Apr 1872, d. 2 Dec 1939
 David Campbell was the son of Robert Campbell and Elsie (Lilly) Catherine Vollmer
Death*1970 He died in 1970 at McLean, VA.1 
Biography*1976  In 1976 The following is an excerpt from note written by Herman Charles Vollmer in 1976 when asked about his family remembrances: I did phone David's wife. I don't remember meeting her or Viola either for that matter. She was a very nice over the phone. I have her phone number in book that Mom Mom kept. David has been dead six years (1976). He was a master printer at Government Printing Office all his life, retired, and worked for Star Newspaper. David was year or so older than me. We played together much as boys. They lived with us in Georgetown until his father (Uncle Bob) build a house in Balston, Virginia. We visited there often. I understand the house is still there but Ballston as a name is gone. (It has since returned as the name of a stop on the Washington Metro line). It was in vicinity of where Hecht Company in Virginia on Wilson Boulevard. 
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  1. [S438] Unknown subject unknown repository.

Lt. Quintin Campbell

M, #848
MARRIAGE* Lt. Quintin Campbell married Mary Richardson, daughter of John Croley Richardson and Elizabeth Lionberger


Mary Richardson
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Robert Campbell

M, #2780
MARRIAGE*circa 1906 Robert Campbell married Elsie (Lilly) Catherine Vollmer, daughter of Jakob Friederich (Frederick) Vollmer and Anna Catherine Jacob, circa 1906 I think they lived for a time in Winnipeg Canada. 
Employment* He was employed at Stonemason. 


Elsie (Lilly) Catherine Vollmer b. 6 April 1872, d. 2 December 1939
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Vollmer Campbell1

M, #2787, b. 26 May 1907, d. August 1976
Father*Robert Campbell
Mother*Elsie (Lilly) Catherine Vollmer b. 6 Apr 1872, d. 2 Dec 1939
MARRIAGE* Vollmer Campbell married Viola (?)2 
Birth*26 May 1907 He was born on 26 May 1907 Date from SSDI. 
 He was the son of Robert Campbell and Elsie (Lilly) Catherine Vollmer
Death*August 1976 He died in August 1976 at Woodbridge, Prince William, VA, at age 69. 


Viola (?)
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  1. Lived at 7124 Hillcrest Rd., Alex. Va.& 6612 Custer St. Springfield Va.
  2. [S451] Unknown subject unknown repository.

William Canaday

M, #1835
ChartsWilliam Basse
MARRIAGE* William Canaday married Judith Bass, daughter of John Bass and Love Harris, at Guilford, NC. 


Judith Bass b. circa 1708
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Caroline Canfield

F, #283, d. 6 February 1830
MARRIAGE*27 September 1826 Caroline Canfield married Jacob Wykoff Piatt, son of Benjamin McCullough Piatt and Elizabeth Barnett, on 27 September 1826. 
Death*6 February 1830 She died on 6 February 1830. 
Married Name27 September 1826  As of 27 September 1826,her married name was Piatt. 


Jacob Wykoff Piatt b. 29 March 1801, d. 29 May 1857
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Pet Cannon

F, #1431
MARRIAGE*2 December 1909 Pet Cannon married Thomas J. Floyd, son of Archibald Floyd and Mary A. Wade, on 2 December 1909 This marriage is speculation. 
Married Name2 December 1909  As of 2 December 1909,her married name was Floyd. 


Thomas J. Floyd b. February 1882
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Willard Carey

M, #2569, d. 5 February 1973
MARRIAGE*4 September 1939 Willard Carey married Mary Margaret Durkin, daughter of John Joseph Durkin and Elizabeth Ann Rebecca Ogle, on 4 September 1939. 
Death*5 February 1973 He died on 5 February 1973. 
Biography*  Willard Carey served as an army engineer during World War 11. Then he worked for a Dairy Company for thirty years and finally was at the weather bureau. 
MILITARY*circa 1942 He served in the military circa 1942. 


Mary Margaret Durkin b. 20 June 1900, d. 30 May 1994
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Mary Carkin

F, #2262, b. circa 1520, d. 1542
ChartsWilliam Basse
Birth*circa 1520 Mary Carkin was born circa 1520 at England. 
Death*1542 She died in 1542. 
MARRIAGE*1542  In 1542 Wedding said to have taken place at St. James Garlickhite which is in London.
St. James Garlickhite is in the middle of the block. Apparently this was at one time a Garlic market.
Married Name1542  As of 1542,her married name was Bass. 
Married Name1542  As of 1542,her married name was Basse. 


William Basse b. circa 1522
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  1. [S1] Bass Family, Book, 1961 State Archives of Georgia.

Edward J Carlson

M, #990, b. 11 June 1864, d. 8 June 1958
Father*Carl Johnson
Birth*11 June 1864 Edward J Carlson was born on 11 June 1864 at Smaland, Sweden. 
 He was the son of Carl Johnson
MARRIAGE*9 August 1890  Her parents owned the Swedish boarding house in Sioux City. Young men would come to stay at the boarding house and want to take Grandma Carlson (Anna) out. If her Mother did not like the looks of the guy, she would hide one of Grandma's shoes. Grandma would spend all her time looking for her other shoe and was never able to go out. Her Mother did this over and over again. But when Grandpa Carlson (Edward) came a long, she liked the looks of him and never hid a shoe. So that is why my Grandma got together with my Grandpa. (Story told by Joan Carlson McDermott.)

Death*8 June 1958 He died on 8 June 1958 at Sioux City, IA, at age 93. 
Biography*  Edward J. Carlson migrated from Sweden around 1883/4 he was 19 years old. When Edward came to Sioux City, he stayed at a boarding house
operated by Nels Olson/Steinbeck and his wife,Maria Edward worked as a bread wagon
driver until he saved enough money to purchase a farm eight miles north of Sioux City on the
Broken Kettle Road. He met Anna Steinbeck at the boarding house and married her in 1890.
There is a story that has been handed down that Maria, Anna’s mother, would hide one of
Anna’s shoes, if she did not want her to go out with a particular gentleman. However, she
never hid her shoes when Edward would come to take her out. When they saved enough
money they moved to the farm. They had four children. Two children died. The daughter fell
into a tub of boiling water and Herbert died of pneumonia at the age of 5 around 1900. Merritt
and Rudie survived. Edward was a successful farmer and retired at the age of 50. He moved
into Sioux Cilty and went into the housing contract business for four years. A few years later
her returned to the farm and eventually retired at the age of 76 in 1940.

Edward went back to Sweden in 1908. He tried to get, Merritt, his youngest son, to go with
him. Merritt would not go since they did not have Santa Claus in Sweden. When he returned to
Sweden it was a disappointing trip. His father did not recognize him and it took three days to
convince him that he was his son from Iowa. 


Anna Steinbeck b. 1 January 1871, d. 21 February 1953
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Gloria Mae Carlson

F, #1028, d. 15 October 2007
Father*Merritt S Carlson b. 19 May 1900, d. 5 Feb 1972
Mother*Esther E Savary b. 8 Dec 1900, d. 17 Jun 1971
 Gloria Mae Carlson was the daughter of Merritt S Carlson and Esther E Savary
Death*15 October 2007 She died on 15 October 2007. 
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Merritt S Carlson

M, #249, b. 19 May 1900, d. 5 February 1972
Father*Edward J Carlson b. 11 Jun 1864, d. 8 Jun 1958
Mother*Anna Steinbeck b. 1 Jan 1871, d. 21 Feb 1953
Birth*19 May 1900 Merritt S Carlson was born on 19 May 1900 at Sioux City, IA. 
 He was the son of Edward J Carlson and Anna Steinbeck
MARRIAGE*12 June 1922 He married Esther E Savary, daughter of Leon Ferdinand Savary and Cecila Plourd, on 12 June 1922. 
Death*5 February 1972 He died on 5 February 1972 at Arcata, CA, at age 71. 
Biography*  He entered the retail grocery business in 1924 and retired 29 years later. In addition he benefited from real estate investments. 


Esther E Savary b. 8 December 1900, d. 17 June 1971
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Merritt S. Carlson

M, #252
Father*Merritt S Carlson b. 19 May 1900, d. 5 Feb 1972
Mother*Esther E Savary b. 8 Dec 1900, d. 17 Jun 1971
 Merritt S. Carlson was the son of Merritt S Carlson and Esther E Savary
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Ann Carman

F, #1009, b. 26 August 1771, d. after 1840
Father*Richard Carman b. c 1747, d. 1804
Mother*Sara Hoges McGee
MARRIAGE* Ann Carman married John McNeil
Birth*26 August 1771 She was born on 26 August 1771 at Dutchess, NY. 
 She was the daughter of Richard Carman and Sara Hoges McGee
Death*after 1840 She died after 1840 at Cayuga, NY. 
Married Name Her married name was McNeil. 


John McNeil b. circa 1760, d. 1800
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Caleb Carman

M, #1012
MARRIAGE* Caleb Carman married Mary Southard


Mary Southard
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Richard Carman

M, #1010, b. circa 1747, d. 1804
Father*Caleb Carman
Mother*Mary Southard
MARRIAGE* Richard Carman married Sara Hoges McGee
Birth*circa 1747 He was born circa 1747. 
 He was the son of Caleb Carman and Mary Southard
Death*1804 He died in 1804. 


Sara Hoges McGee
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Earl L. Carran

M, #270
MARRIAGE*1 March 1932 Earl L. Carran married Elizabeth Page Piatt, daughter of Jacob Wykoff Piatt II and Margaret Howard James, on 1 March 1932 Later in Diary SLB gives mariage date as May 1, 1932. May entry is in pencil on typed page.1 


Elizabeth Page Piatt b. 27 July 1914, d. 16 August 1983
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  1. [S17] SLB Date diary, Date diary, about 1950 MVW file.

Eugene Carroll

M, #741, b. 1861, d. 4 October 1951
Father*Robert W. Carroll b. 1827, d. 17 Dec 1897
Mother*Mary Arabella Piatt b. 19 Oct 1841, d. 21 Jan 1932
Birth*1861 Eugene Carroll was born in 1861.1 
 He was the son of Robert W. Carroll and Mary Arabella Piatt
Obituary*4 October 1951 Obnituary of Eugene Carroll was on 4 October 1951 at Butte, Montana. 
CENSUS1870*1870 He appeared on the census in 1870; Family appears on census. 
MILITARY*1881  In 1881 According to his obituary he graduated from the United States Naval Academy. 
Biography*1934  In 1934 A letter dated 1934 to Stephens L. Blakely that reads: "I enclose a photograph of the pastel portrait of Madame de Valcourt. This is a portrait of your children's great great grandmother and came into my possession through Mother, who received it from her Mother. (I presume you have photographs of our grandmother and Martha Lockwood (mother of Eugene Lockwood) who had several of the family paintings. Bingo, these are the painting that Eugene Lockwood shared with MVW March 2010. He then refers to N. Louise Lodge at 413 Oak St., Ludlow Kentucky who was working on a book. She eventually published the book as "Tribe of Jacob".

2006 - Just found family on 1870 census. I was correct about the above identification. 
Employment*1934 He was employed in 1934 at VP and General Manager; Butte Water Company, Butte, Montana. 
Residence*1951 He lived in 1951 at 315 West Granite St., Butte, Montana. 
Last Edited29 Aug 2017


  1. [S55] 1870 Census;.

Laura Carroll1

F, #4265, b. 1863
Father*Robert W. Carroll1 b. 1827, d. 17 Dec 1897
Mother*Mary Arabella Piatt1 b. 19 Oct 1841, d. 21 Jan 1932
Birth*1863 Laura Carroll was born in 1863.2 
 She was the daughter of Robert W. Carroll and Mary Arabella Piatt.1 
CENSUS1900*1900 She appeared on the census in 1900.3 
Last Edited14 Jan 2006


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  3. [S59] 1900 Census;, Apparently she was unmarried at this time as she was living with mother and brothers.

Louis Carroll

M, #740, b. 1867, d. June 1919
Father*Robert W. Carroll b. 1827, d. 17 Dec 1897
Mother*Mary Arabella Piatt b. 19 Oct 1841, d. 21 Jan 1932
MARRIAGE* Louis Carroll married Ida M Ratler.1 
Birth*1867 He was born in 1867.2 
 He was the son of Robert W. Carroll and Mary Arabella Piatt
Death*June 1919  In June 1919 Obituary with no date is in MVW file in 1998. Another column refers to his recent death and this article id dated June 25, 1919. 
CENSUS1900*1900  In 1900 He was shown as single and living with mother and siblings in 1900.3 
Note*2005 He These are the only members of this family who left heirs. in 2005.1 


Ida M Ratler b. 1909
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Mary Arabella Carroll1

F, #4267, b. 1869
Father*Robert W. Carroll1 b. 1827, d. 17 Dec 1897
Mother*Mary Arabella Piatt1 b. 19 Oct 1841, d. 21 Jan 1932
Birth*1869 Mary Arabella Carroll was born in 1869.2 
 She was the daughter of Robert W. Carroll and Mary Arabella Piatt.1 
MARRIAGE*1894 She married William H. Durphy in 1894 at New York, NY.3 
Married Name1894  As of 1894,her married name was Durphy. 


William H. Durphy b. 1864
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Robert de Valcourt. Carroll1,2

M, #4266, b. 1865
Father*Robert W. Carroll2 b. 1827, d. 17 Dec 1897
Mother*Mary Arabella Piatt2 b. 19 Oct 1841, d. 21 Jan 1932
Birth*1865 Robert de Valcourt. Carroll was born in 1865.3 
 He was the son of Robert W. Carroll and Mary Arabella Piatt.2 
CENSUS1900*1900  In 1900 He is shown living with his mother and sisters and listed as an attorney.4 
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  1. His middle name is taken from "Centennial History of Cincinnati."
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Robert W. Carroll

M, #289, b. 1827, d. 17 December 1897
Birth*1827 Robert W. Carroll was born in 1827.1 
MARRIAGE*1 May 1860 He married Mary Arabella Piatt, daughter of Jacob Wykoff Piatt and Martha Eugenia De Valcourt, on 1 May 1860. 
Death*17 December 1897  On 17 December 1897 COLUMBIANA COUNTY OHIO
File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by
David O'Carroll
January 27, 2001
Extract from "Centennial History of Cincinnati"
by Charles Theodore Greve, 1904
Robert W Carroll
Robert W Carroll, who for many years was at the head of the great publishing
house of R W Carroll & Co of Cincinnati, died at his home in Avondale, December
17, 1897. He was born July 28, 1826, in St. Clairsville, Ohio and was the son of
Dr.Thomas Carroll and Anne Lynch (Williams) Carroll. HIs father was one of the
leaders in the medical profession in Cincinnati from 1841, his date of
settlement here, until his death, March 13, 1871. His mother was a native of
Lynchburgh, Pennsylvania.

Robert W Carroll, who was the second of his parent's sons, after completing his
literary education at Woodward College, entered the office of Judge William
Johnston for the study of the law. He made rapid progress and was admitted to
the bar in 1848 and practised for one year at Springfield, Ohio, removing then
to Cincinnati, where he entered into partnership with his preceptor, Judge
Johnston. He soon gained a reputation for legal acumen second to none, and
enjoyed a lucrative practice. His ability in his profession was marked and
through his whole life, although giving his attention to other interests for a
time, he displayed those qualities which distinguished him so long before the
bar. In 1862 a combination of circumstances induce Mr Carroll to embark in a
mercantile business which he continued with remarkable success for four years,
during which time he founded the publishing house of R.W.Carroll & Company. In
the disastrous fire of 1866, his business was swept away, but he soon resumed
and continued in the publishing line until 1880, one of the issues of the house
being the Christian Standard, of which Elder Isaac Errett was editor. The firm
was distinguished for perfect integrity and uprightness. In 1880, the
publishing business having been disposed of, Mr Carroll resumed the practice of
the law and with as much success as formerly.

IN 1854 Mr Carroll was married to Lydia B Conway, of Delaware, who died January
19, 1857. The death of the mother was followed by that of their only child,
little Nora, on January 10, 1860. On May 1, 1860, Mr Carroll was married to
Mary Arabella Piatt, daughter of Jacob Wycoff Piatt, the Piatt family being one
of the oldest and most honoured in the Queen City. Jacob Wycoff Piatt was a
most remarkable man and took a conspicuous part in the early political history
of Hamilton County. He possessed great vigour and independence of character,
which were brought to the public notice by his position on the Bible, school
and fire department questions. He was a most zealous friend of fire department
reform, and the introduction the paid fire department into our city was due in
no small degree to his championship of it in the City Council, against violent
clamour and opposition from the members of the old volunteer department. Mrs
Carroll and all the children, five in number, survive. Two sons live in
Cincinnati: Louis, who is secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Sinking
Fund; and R de V., who is a prominent member of the bar, with offices in the
Union Trust Building. The other members of the family are Eugene, the oldest
son, who is manager of a water company in Buttee, Montana; Laura (single), who
lives in New York; and Belle (Durphy), who is also a resident of New York.

Mr Carroll was a leader in all public movements tending to the prosperity and
advancement of educational and reformatory enterprises. He was a man of the
most perfect integrity and, although not formally united with any religious
body, contributed to the support of all. He was of a refined nature and
possessed a cultivated mind and was a welcome addition to social circles.
He left a large number of sincere friends who respected him for his exemplary
character and loved him for his personal attributes. He passed away in
serenity of spirit and those about him recall his own words, uttered to comfort
those who grieved: "Death is neither to be dreaded nor deplored." 
Occupation*circa 1865  Circa 1865 In his son's obituary (undated) the father, R.W. Carroll was mentioned as being promininent in the book business in the sixties and seventies (1860-1870)and as living on the Lower River road. 
CENSUS1870*1870 He appeared on the census in 1870 at OH; His occupation is publisher and the value of his personal estate is $25,000.2 
Name Variation1870  As of 1870, Robert W. Carroll was also known as Richard Carroll.3 
CENSUS1880*1880 He appeared on the Census in 1880.4 


Mary Arabella Piatt b. 19 October 1841, d. 21 January 1932
MARRIAGE*1 May 1860 He married Mary Arabella Piatt, daughter of Jacob Wykoff Piatt and Martha Eugenia De Valcourt, on 1 May 1860. 
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  3. [S55] 1870 Census;, One source calls him Robert, but the 1870 census calls him Richard.
  4. [S56] 1880 Census;, He is listed as Robert in the 1880 census.
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Martha Carscadden

F, #999, b. 27 June 1762, d. 7 March 1821
Father*Robert Carscadden Jr b. 12 Apr 1732
Mother*Diana Gifford b. c 1733, d. s 17 May 1786
Birth*27 June 1762 Martha Carscadden was born on 27 June 1762 at Newburgh, Orange, NY. 
 She was the daughter of Robert Carscadden Jr and Diana Gifford
MARRIAGE*20 January 1785 She married William B Belknap, son of William Belknap and Hannah Flagg, on 20 January 1785 at Newburgh, NY. 
Death*7 March 1821 She died on 7 March 1821 at Newburgh, NY, at age 58. 
Married Name20 January 1785  As of 20 January 1785,her married name was Belknap. 


William B Belknap b. 21 February 1751, d. 18 July 1831
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Robert Carscadden

M, #1002
MARRIAGE* Robert Carscadden married Catherine Patterson


Catherine Patterson
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Robert Carscadden Jr

M, #1000, b. 12 April 1732
Father*Robert Carscadden
Mother*Catherine Patterson
MARRIAGE* Robert Carscadden Jr married Diana Gifford
Baptism*12 April 1732 He was baptized on 12 April 1732. 
 He was the son of Robert Carscadden and Catherine Patterson
Milit-Beg*circa 1776 He began military service circa 1776 Served in American Revolution. DAR has records. 


Diana Gifford b. circa 1733, d. say 17 May 1786
Last Edited14 Apr 1999

Marjorie Carson

F, #206, b. circa 1907
ChartsWilliam Landrum
Birth*circa 1907 Marjorie Carson was born circa 1907 at Comer, GA. 
MARRIAGE*31 August 1938 She married Stephens Buckner Cuthbert Blakely, son of Stephens Laurie Blakely and Jane DeValcourt Stamps Piatt, on 31 August 1938 at Blessed Sacrament Church, Fort Mitchell, Kenton County, KY.1 
Married Name31 August 1938  As of 31 August 1938,her married name was Blakely. 


Stephens Buckner Cuthbert Blakely b. 14 July 1907, d. 26 September 1938
Last Edited3 May 1999


  1. [S35] Lendrum Blakely.

Margaret Carter1,2

F, #3754, b. 1798
Birth*1798 Margaret Carter was born in 1798 at England.1 
MARRIAGE*7 September 1818 She married Joshua Wright on 7 September 1818 at St. Phillips Cathedral, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, Her mother was Margaret Carter.
Marg. & Josh. were married Sept. 7, 1818 at St. Phillips, Birmingham Warwick Eng.1,2

Married Namecirca 1821  As of circa 1821,her married name was Wright.1 


Joshua Wright b. 1801
Last Edited9 Mar 2004


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